Coming soon: The Mama gets it done podcast

Are you ready to be more productive in your home and say goodbye to the dreaded mom guilt associated with a messy house and chaotic days?

Hey my name is Rachel and the Mama Gets it Done podcast is for the everyday mom (yes even those hot mess moms) who just need a little grace and a few tips for getting more done in your day.

If you’re ready to figure out how to stop hating cooking every night, how to give chaotic days a little more structure, and how to find more time for you in this crazy mom life then you are in the right place.

I am so incredibly excited to be here with you today friend! Welcome to the mama gets it done podcast.

This has been long coming it’s been in my brain for a while and I finally finally finally like got the push to get it out there and get it into the world.

So if you don’t know my name is Rachel, this is the Mama Gets it Done Podcast and you might know me from This Crafty Home. That’s probably where most of you know me from now. That’s where I share all kinds of meal prep, freezer meal tips, and this is kind of just a natural continuation of trying to find more time in my day and making things better.

Learning how to get things done in general like managing a home as a mom and figuring all these things out is so hard at first. We’re not born and into the world knowing exactly how to do this. Sure, we grow up and we can see our moms doing it, maybe if you had a mom around maybe you didn’t.

But it seems that when we become mothers and we have all these expectations of what we’re supposed to be doing and what is supposed to be done right and sometimes that doesn’t really happen and then you feel like a failure. This is why we’re here because it’s not true!

So we’re here to kind of combat some of those beliefs you have on what is actually getting it done means and also giving you all kinds of tips and tricks for how to manage your mom life better, find some you time, and maybe actually get a little bit more laundry done and put away right?

I’m still working on that one but we’re going to do it together!

This podcast is going to be weekly so you will get a weekly dose of all the tips and tricks and all the awesome things that we’re going to be talking about which is going to be meal planning, meal prepping, (duh) along with time management, home systems, and then we’re going to have some really awesome guests too! I’ve already got some friends queued up they are ready and they’re amazing ladies who are going to be talking to us here and giving us all of their good tips!

If you’re ready the first episode is going to release Monday the 26th so just a few days till it’s live! Subscribe to make sure you’re ready for when that episode comes out and make sure to review the podcast here too.

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